Friday, October 09, 2009

Isreal "Ambiguity", Iran "secrecy"!

An interesting example of hypocrocy in "Western" journalism.

In this article the author writes:

Israel maintains a doctrine of "nuclear ambiguity" and has never confirmed nor denied having its own nuclear weapons program. It considers Iran a serious threat not only because of Tehran's nuclear program but also because of Iran's arsenal of long-range missiles, which can be fitted with nuclear warheads and are capable of striking the Jewish state.

Then says:

Iran's missile program and its nuclear work — much of it carried out in secrecy — have long been a concern for the West, which fears Tehran is intent on developing an atomic weapons capability and the missiles to deploy such warheads.

Why do you have to use "Ambiguity" for Israel and "Secrecy" for Iranian programs? Then why should only West right to have had "a concern" about Iran and no mention of Iran's right to be concern about "Ambiguity" of Israel nuclear missiles? If the concern is to talk about the tension shouldn't one need to address the both side of it?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Can you believe the headline in this item?

Israeli police sappers pour water to cool the remains of a rocket launched by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip that hit the southern city of Ashkelon on February 3. A rocket fired by Gaza militants hit southern Israel on Friday, despite ongoing efforts to reach a lasting truce, a military spokesman said, adding that it caused no casualties or damage.

Israel: Militants launch rocket, violating truce

JERUSALEM – The Israeli military says Palestinian militants have launched a rocket from Gaza, violating an unwritten cease-fire that ended Israel's Gaza offensive.

The military says the rocket hit near an Israeli communal farm, causing no damage or injuries.

Friday's rocket fire followed an incident late Thursday on the Gaza-Israel border in which Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian who the military said was armed with a grenade.

Israel unilaterally halted its devastating Gaza operation on Jan. 18, and Hamas followed with an announcement that it would hold its fire.

Militants have sporadically fired rockets into Israel since, and killed one soldier in a border bombing attack. Israeli troops have killed three Palestinians who Gaza officials identified as farmers in border shootings.

Israeli forces shooting and killing a Palestinian is not violating the "un-written ceasefire", but Palestinian firing of a "rocket" that is put out by bottled water is!