Thursday, October 07, 2004

Take them out, dude

Let me share some thoughts with you about what I have learned and what I hope the country has learned. First of all, we're dealing with a -- with an enemy that has no conscience. Today, if you noticed, there was a car bomb near a school. These people are brutal. They -- they're the exact opposite of Americans. We value life and human dignity; they don't care about life and human dignity. We believe in freedom; they have an ideology of hate. And they're tough, but not as tough as America. (Applause.) It's really important for people to understand you cannot negotiate with these people, you cannot hope for the best. We must -- we must chase them down all around the world, so we do not have to face them here at home. That's lesson number one, be relentless and determined, never yield. (Applause.)

Secondly, that this is a different kind of war that requires a different kind of strategy. And it's really important for you to realize that these people -- their ambition is beyond just a single attack. Their ambition is to take over countries from which they can spread their ideology of hate. That's why they were in Afghanistan. They're like a parasite, hopefully being able to overcome a weak host. And they were in the process of doing that.

President's Remarks at an Ask President Bush Event in Clive, Iowa Source

Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians'

By Andrew Buncombe in Washington

06 October 2004

The Pentagon said yesterday it was investigating cockpit video footage that shows American pilots attacking and killing a group of apparently unarmed Iraqi civilians.

The 30-second clip shows the pilot targeting the group of people in a street in the city of Fallujah and asking his mission controllers whether he should "take them out". He is told to do so and, shortly afterwards, the footage shows a huge explosion where the people were. A second voice can be heard on the clip saying: "Oh, dude."

The existence of the video, taken last April inside the cockpit of a US F-16 fighter has been known for some time, though last night's broadcast by Channel 4 News is believed to be the first time a mainstream broadcaster has shown the footage.

At no point during the exchange between the pilot and controllers does anyone ask whether the Iraqis are armed or posing a threat. Critics say it proves war crimes are being committed.


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