Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When all else fails blame Iranians!

Britain accuses Iran of running training camps for bombers

The article says:

The account of the alleged Iranian involvement made by defence and diplomatic sources in Iraq yesterday was extraordinarily detailed.....

This story is rather interesting

There are parallel of this "detailed" allegation to the "45 minutes" claim of the British "defence and diplomatic sources" How is this any different? Where is the proof? If there are such evidence, wouldn't the British government presents the evidence to UN?

There are more... In the British view you see the colonialism mind set at work. It is as if the Iraqis (that have been at war in one form or another since 1980) can't figure out how to make a bomb and need Iranians to tell them about infra-red triggers. The "colonizer are superior to those of the colonized", the irony is that the British army was training Iraqis during the 80s, why is it that they don't expect them to have learned a thing or two from the years of British training?

In the "Radio Free Europe" Article Iran: Experts Say Infrared Bombs Used By Iraqi Insurgents Can't Be Homemade It says:

Jones [ security policy adviser to NATO in London] stressed that another significant feature -- also far beyond the insurgents' production capability -- is the infrared "trip-wire."

"It's very much the same concept that you have of alarms," Jones said. "An infrared beam goes between two points in a museum, and if that is interrupted, then an alarm goes off."

The alleged infra-red triggers are suppose to be the same as the ones that are used in the museums. Could they be the ones that were taken from the Iraq national museum as Donnald Rusmfeld was saying: "Freedom's untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things," Rumsfeld said . . . Looting, he added, was not uncommon for countries that experience significant social upheaval. "Stuff happens,"

What is a deception without national security claim?

Godfrey [the U.K. Armed Forces Program at the Royal United Services institute] added that the intelligence services have also gathered a lot of evidence from the attacks on British troops. He said he doubts, however, whether -- because of its nature -- the intelligence services would reveal this kind of evidence to the public.

What are they hiding the evidence from? The insurgents that planted the bomb?

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