Monday, February 13, 2006

The article Danish PM Says Nation Unfairly Portrayed
has some interesting passages. It says:

Denmark's prime minister complained Monday that his nation had been unfairly portrayed as intolerant in the international furor over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, and his foreign minister said a government apology would be pointless.

After meeting with a newly formed network of moderate Muslims, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen called for peaceful dialogue to defuse Denmark's biggest international crisis since World War II.

"This meeting just testifies that the Danish government wants a positive dialogue with all groups in the Danish society," he said. "The way forward is peaceful."

Is this "Danish Dialog"?. We know that right after the cartoons came out, the Prime Minister refused to meet the ambassadors of the Muslim countries which could have prevented all the trouble last week. With that in mind, it sounds rather funny to meet "newly formed network" to promote dialog. There is preaching to the choir, echo chamber, but this may go down in history as "Danish Dialog". Find people that think like yourself, organize them into a group, then say we are engaging in positive dialogue.

There is something interesting about radical's common values. Take this from the same article:

In Egypt, thousands of students demonstrated Monday at universities in Cairo and the southern city of Assiut, denouncing the caricatures and warning that those who published the drawings "have opened the gates of hell on themselves."

Anti-riot police stood at the gates of the two universities but did not intervene.

"Revolution everywhere! We are not going to be silent or asleep!" chanted about 1,500 male students demonstrating in Cairo. "Boycott is our duty because they insulted and humiliated our prophet!"

How similar is this to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich statements:

"This is 1935 and [Iranian president] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is as close to Adolf Hitler as we’ve seen. We now know who they are -- the question is who we are. Are we Baldwin or Churchill? " Gingrich said, noting that Churchill recognized the danger from Nazi Germany and urged that Britain prepare to meet it.
Asked what Churchill would do about Ahmadinejad, Gingrich said he had just read the opening passages of Churchill’s book, "The Gathering Storm,” the first volume of his World War II memoir. In the book Churchill recalled that President Franklin D. Roosevelt once asked him "What should they call the war?.” Churchill’s reply: "We should call it "The Unnecessary War,” noting that "had we done simple, practical things in 1935, 1936, we would have saved 100 million lives.”



free lessons said...

all the Moslem believer is out of thier mind,
its only a cartoon.
whats the big deal

daryoush said...


This reminds me of the joke went something like "there are two things I can't stand, racist poeple and french".