Sunday, April 30, 2006

How to recognize a bully

Here we go again....

So some says they are concerned about Iran's nuclear program. Iran says:

“If the issue is returned to the International Atomic Energy Agency, we will be ready to allow intrusive inspections,” Mohammed Saeedi, Iran's deputy nuclear chief, told state-run television. Iran will allow intrusive inspections if dossier returned to U.N. nuclear watchdog

You would think that is welcome news. But Dr Rice says:
Dr Rice

"And we have a choice, too. We can either mean what we say, when we say that Iran must comply, or we can continue to allow Iran to defy." Source

They have to comply what what she says "we say" or else. What does that mean? What is the law, what does the treaty says? On what basis does she says what she says?

This is interesting read.... What is bullying?

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