Monday, February 12, 2007

Which lie do you want to believe in?

The problem of Bush Administration is that the more it talks the more it reveal its incompetence. This has never been more evident than when it is trying to accuse Iran of aiding and arming the Iraqi resistance.

After all, Bush administration claimed Iraq's WMD was a threat in 2003, surely they were not talking about the WMD that they bought from US in the 80s. To call Iraq a threat then, Bush and Blair must have considered Iraq has an arms industry capable of producing WMD that could threaten the US or Europe. Tony Blair even went as far as saying Iraq's missiles were within 45 minutes of being fired on to London. Essentially they claimed that with all UN sanctions on Iraq, the Iraqis had developed the expertise to threaten far beyond their borders.

Now it wants to claim that Iraqis are incapable of developing bombs that would destroy even a Humvee and it needs Iranian "technology" to build an IED!

The question is which lie do you want to believe in?
a)Iraqis can't even produce a IED, or
b)that they were capable of producing WMD that would threaten United States (half way around the globe)!

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