Sunday, May 06, 2007

Where do Iraqis get their ammunitions?

In today's CNN the article 9 U.S. soldiers, journalist killed; torture chamber found Says:

U.S. and Iraqi forces chasing a suspected terrorist with ties to Iran early Sunday discovered a bloodstained torture chamber and a massive amount of artillery stored in a building in Baghdad's Sadr City, the U.S. military said.

"Had that thing gone off -- when you start talking about 150 artillery shells -- the extensive damage that it could have done in killing innocent civilians in Sadr City would have been horrific," U.S. military spokesman Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said at a news conference Sunday.

Not exactly sure what the "a bloodstained torture chamber" means, it sounds as a metaphor for whole Iraq. The "150 artillery shells", on the other hand, is an interesting tidbit of information here.

Bush administration has been touting Iran and Syria as source of explosives in Iraq. It is interesting that the General doesn't mention the type and origin of the shells. But logically we can infer the source.

Iraqi resistance doesn't have artillery batteries to require artillery shells. It would be absurd to say Iran and Syria have been shipping artillery shells to the "insurgents" when they don't have means to fire them. The discovery seem to be another confirmation that the source of the Iraqi ammunitions were the massive amounts of hardware that were sold to Saddam. An infrequently failure of Bush Administration war has been the failure to secure Saddam's arsenal. It allowed the "insurgency" capture and harvest the explosives in the shell for use against the US and British forces. Ironically, the shells may have been US or European made!

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