Monday, June 25, 2007


A year ago Palestinians captured an Israeli soldier in Gaza. We have:

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem has accused Cpl Shalit's captors of committing a war crime.

"International humanitarian law absolutely prohibits taking and holding a person by force in order to compel the enemy to meet certain demands, while threatening to harm or kill the person if the demands are not met," the group said.

"Furthermore, hostage-taking is considered a war crime."

Hamas airs 'first Shalit message'

Same day we have Israel announces mass prisoner release that quotes Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert:

"As a gesture of good will towards the Palestinians, I will bring before the Israeli Cabinet a proposal to free 250 Fatah prisoners who do not have blood on their hands, after they sign a commitment not to return to violence," Olmert told the gathering.

What is a person that is not guilty (i.e. "who do not have blood on their hands") yet have been arrested from their own homes, imprisoned for many years and wont be released until the Israeli "demands are not met" (i.e. "after they sign a commitment")?

A Hostage? And the holder of the hostages a "war criminals" at least 250 times over?

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