Thursday, September 13, 2007

General Petraeus exposes Bush administration hypocrocy! Iraqi insurgents "were already well enough armed "

Check out this exchange on General Petraeus hearings on 9/11/07:

SEN. ROBERT BYRD: ....You’ve touted success in Anbar province. Just a few months ago, the tribes in Anbar province were shooting and killing Americans. Recently they decided they dislike the terrorists there more than they dislike Americans, so they are cooperating with us for the time being, while we give them money and arms. This recalls to my mind our policy in the 1980s in Afghanistan of arming the Taliban to fight the Soviet Union. We all know how that short-term policy hurt our long-term interest. What guarantee can you give us that the tribes in Anbar are not going to turn around and use the guns that we gave them against our troops once they feel we no longer serve their interest? Isn't that a short-sited policy?

GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS: Senator, first of all, we are not arming the tribes. We have not provided weapons to them. What we did initially is basically give a thumbs up when they asked if it would be OK if they pointed the weapons they did have -- they were already well enough armed -- at al-Qaeda, because they had come to reject the Taliban-like ideology and barbarity of al-Qaeda in the Euphrates River Valley.

General is saying the Sunnis (which are the smallest minority in Iraq -- about 20%) "were already well enough armed" and didn't need US to arm them. The same general then wants to tell us that other Iraqi groups (representing majority of Shiites) get their arms from outside (Iran and Syria are the current propaganda targets).

It is interesting that at the begining of the war the US policy was to go against Syria to stop the flow of arms to Sunni groups, but now the general admits that these groups were well armed all along!

It is also interesting to note that general recognizes that al-Queda's strategy of surge in violence policy in Iraq was the reason why the Iraqi tribes -- that were originally allied with Al Queda against US -- decided to "pointed the weapons" toward Al Queda. Yet he fails to see that his proposed surge against the Shiites have also caused the Shiite groups -- that were allied with US against Saddam Hussein -- to also turn their gun against US forces.

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