Sunday, April 13, 2008

Juxtaposing General Patreaus comment and Bush Administration's Propaganda

In his April, 9 2008 testimony at House Foreign Relations Committee on Iraq General Petraeus said:

Sons of Iraq have also have contributed to the discovery of improvised explosive devices and weapons and explosive caches. As this next chart shows, in fact we have already found more caches in 2008 than we found in all of 2006.

In the 2003 as the US forces were rushing toward Baghdad there were so few soldiers that they had to ignore the Saddam's weapons caches. As the Iraqi army fled, locals helped themselves to the inventory of weapons that Saddam had amassed for 30 years. General Peataeus seems to imply that now with help of the "Sons of Iraq" they are finding them.

This is interesting when you juxtapose this comment with the almost daily claim of Bush administration that Iran is supplying Iranian made weapons to Iraq. Or may be General didn't realize his claim of success would negate the other key porpaganda theme of Bush administration.

In 2007 Bush administration told the world that Iran is supplying weapons to Iraq. Now, 2008 General is telling us he has been finding large caches of weapons. Therefore in 2007 there were lot of Iraqi weapons available to the Iraqi insurgency. If there were such huge caches of weapons in Iraq, would it make sense for Iranian to actually ship any weapons to Iraq?

It just doesn't make sense.

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