Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Spotting Propaganda!

In today's world it is next to impossible to know the truth. But it is possible to spot inconsistencies that are inevitable in propaganda.

Take for example the pre-Iraq war statement by Prime Minister Tony Blair in which he claimed that Iraq was capable of lunching missile toward London, armed with WMD, in 45 minutes. To be able to lunch a missile from Iraq to London, you would think then Iraqis must have figure out basics of warfare. But after the war, the same British Prime Minister is in capable of understanding that Iraqis are capable of assembling a road side bomb (which is hell of lot less high tech than a missile would have been).

The other interesting example is 9/11. The official story says that some folks in caves of Afghanistan were able to plan, and organize hijacking of 4 US airlines AND fly them toward World Trade Center and Pentagon with deadly accuracy. You would think if the official story is accurate, the people who have organized such a huge event would be capable of organizing any thing.

But today, in press conferences from Iraq we have:

Dakdouk [A "senior Lebanese Hezbollah operative", that was captured and no doubt "well treated" since March 20] told U.S. interrogators that the Karbala attackers "could not have conducted this complex operation without the support and direction of the Quds force," Bergner said. Source

Some thing must give here.... Operation against the Krabala base must have been a hell of lot simpler to pull off compared to the 9/11. There has even been similar incidents in the past where Iraqis have entered a US base, or penetrated many layers of security in Green Zone with explosives. Even since this incident 3 of US troops were captured by Al Queda.

After 9/11 we were led to beleive Bin Ladin and company pulled off the 9/11, now why would the general says that "they could not have conducted this complex operation without" outside help?

It just doesn't add up!

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