Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Trying to make sense of it....

In the article Warplanes keep watch on Iraqi insurgents you have:

Controlling the air is what F-16 pilot Maj. Paul Miller does for a living. He's now learning how to fight a ground war.

Four years into the war in Iraq, the challenges of fighting insurgents are changing the way U.S. fighter pilots approach their missions. The training has shifted from traditional tactics of air dominance to emphasize more specialized roles as eyes in the sky — such as locating buried bombs or honing in on small, highly mobile targets.

"This is a lot more on the go," Miller said from this base on Japan's northern frontier. "It's a pickup game."


"We may not be able to read a license plate, but we can tell you if the guy behind the bush is smoking, and whether he's smoking with his right or left hand," Miller said. "It's that exact."

I am then wondering how come there has never been irrefutable evidence that Iran or Syria, or indeed any foreign country has been supplying weapons to Iraq or Afghanistan?

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